Future Labour Government would trial UBI in Sheffield, says McDonnell

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Following the recent launch of a paper exploring potential basic income trials in the UK, written by Guy Standing on behalf of John McDonnell, the Shadow Chancellor has named Sheffield as one location for UBI trials under a future Labour Government.

Referencing the work of UBI Lab Sheffield, McDonnell told The Mirror: “I’d like to see a Northern and Midlands town in the pilot so we have a spread. I would like Liverpool – of course I would, I’m a Scouser.

“But Sheffield have really worked hard. I’ve been involved in their anti-poverty campaign and they’ve done a lot round the real living wage.

“I think those two cities would be ideal and somewhere in the Midlands.”

Dr Simon Duffy of the Centre for Welfare Reform represented UBI Lab Sheffield in a discussion about UBI on the BBC’s Politics Live today [iPlayer, 35m20s] following the announcement from the Shadow Chancellor.

Dr Duffy said: “We’re not saying we know all the answers or that this will be the perfect solution; we’re saying this is a really important idea that we should be testing out.”

UBI Lab Sheffield