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Sheffield City Council supports Universal Basic Income pilot - 12th June 19

Sheffield City Council will pass a motion today giving its support to a pilot of Universal Basic Income (UBI) in the city.

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Sheffield Councillors asked to back radical welfare pilot - 29th Mar 19

All 84 Councillors in Sheffield have today been asked to give their support for a pilot of Universal Basic Income (UBI) in the city.

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Sheffield Basic Income Pilot proposal to launch this Saturday - 5th Mar 19

An event this Saturday in Sheffield is bringing together activists from across the UK campaigning for the idea of a basic income.

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Finland basic income trial to inform Sheffield pilot proposals - 12th Feb 19

Imagine every month you got a cheque for £500 through the post. Whether you were in work or not, no application forms required.



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Basic Income as Common Dividends: Piloting a Transformative Policy

At the RSA launch of a new report presented to the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, UBI Labs Sheffield and the work we’re doing got specific mentions by:

Guy Standing when introducing the report (at around 36mins)

John McDonnel when answering press questions (at around 42mins)

Ed Miliband in response to a question from our Chair, Jason Leeman (at around 1hr14mins)

The full Progressive Economy Forum report itself can be downloaded here …Sheffield is mentioned on Page 55.


Jason Leman interviewed on Link FM

Our Chair, Jason being interviewed on Link FM about our UBI work and the pilot we’re proposing. Saturday 15th June 19

Link One - Facebook Video 4m21s

Link Two - Facebook Video 3m56s


BBC Radio Sheffield - Toby Foster at Breakfast

Toby interviews our Chair Jason Leman about what UBI is and the potential impacts it could have, peoples concerns and on making much needed changes. Thursday 13th June 19

The interview starts at 15mins - Click here to listen


Guardian Newspaper

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We made it on to page 18 of The Guardian, article by Harry Gold - Thursday 13th June 19


BBC Politics Live

Our very own Simon Duffy talks UBI with the panel on Politics Live



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Labour would trial universal basic income if it wins power. Every person in the country could be given a fixed sum of money to cover their basic needs irrespective of whether they are rich or poor, under plans drawn up by the Labour party - The Metro Sun 12th May 2019

Pilot universal basic income scheme to be trialled in Sheffield if Labour win power. Labour would trial a universal basic income in Sheffield if it wins power, shadow chancellor John McDonnell has revealed - Sheffield Star Sun 12th May 2019

Labour to pilot Universal Basic Income scheme for EVERYONE - rich or poor. EXCLUSIVE: Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has revealed the Labour Party will trial UBI in Liverpool and Sheffield when it takes power - Mirror Sat 11th May 2019

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United Kingdom: The interest for a basic income trial in Sheffield is building up. campaigning group working from the city of Sheffield, northern UK, has written to all the 84 city councilors in the region, as a move to have them support a local basic income experiment - BIEN: Basic Income Earth Network Mon 22nd Apr 2019

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Councillors react to Universal Basic Income proposals. Councillors ‘will have a discussion’ about proposals that could see free cash handouts given to Sheffield’s residents - JUS News Mon 1st Apr 2019 

Sheffield Councillors implored to introduce Universal Basic Income. Sheffield’s 84 city councillors have today been asked to back a proposal for the first Universal Basic Income (UBI) scheme in England - Forge Today Fri 29th Mar 2019