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Working Paper: Proposal for a Sheffield Pilot


© UBI LAB: Sheffield
First published February 2018
Published by UBI LAB: Sheffield

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The UBI LAB Sheffield: A4 Handout

UBI LAB Sheffield is a collaboration between researchers, social justice organisations and campaigners within Sheffield to explore the idea of a Universal Basic Income. The key aims of UBI LAB Sheffield are to pilot a Universal Basic Income within the city, encourage debate around social support, and create a movement for change.

Why Run a Pilot?

Why Sheffield?

The Sheffield UBI Pilot

How do I find out more?

UBI MEETING 2018-03 Wed 21st.jpg

Agenda for meeting on Wednesday 21st March 2018

7pm at Quaker Meeting House, St James St

1. Festival of Debate "Money for Nothing" meeting (May 2nd)

2. Pilot proposal: University seminar (May 8th)

3. Pilot proposal: UBI LABS public meeting (June 6th)

4. Website and communications

5. Festival of the Mind and educational outreach

6. Networking and local links

7. AOB


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